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Tessa SheppersonOn Thursday 12 September 2014 the Housing Minister announced the publication of a new Private Rented Sector Code which it is hoped will be a standard for the industry.

This is an important document and housing professionals need to know about it.  Including me!

On the basis that the quickest way to get a grip on something is to write about it, I have done this guide.  It was mainly written to help me, and remind me of things relevant to the various parts of the code.  However as it may also be helpful to others, it is written as if I am speaking to you (rather than to myself).

Note though that the comments to the code are not part of the code itself – they are just an attempt by me to explain parts of the code and its legal significance.  Any errors are mine alone.

I will be updating the site from time to time, for example if there are any important decisions specifically relating to the code.

If when reading it you think of something which could usefully be added – please use the feedback form to let me know.

Tessa Shepperson
Landlord & tenant lawyer
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