Landlord Law

2.2.4 Confirming identity

2.2 For agents only: accepting instructions from a landlord
2.2.4 Confirming identity
Agents should make every reasonable effort to confirm a landlord’s identity before accepting
If the landlord operates as a business, the agent should identify and confirm who within the business has the authority to act on its behalf.

There are many crooks and fraudsters around in the property industry and you need to make sure that you are dealing with the real owner of the property.

For examples of some of the fauds and scams that occur see here.

To carry out an ID check, you will first need to see identifying documents such as a passport – make sure you keep a copy of them.  There are organisations which can then carry out checks for you.

To check a limited company you should first serach for them at Companies House where you can do a free seach against the name of the company or the company number.  You will then need to assure yourself that the person before you is indeed acting on the companies behalf.

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