Landlord Law Rent payments and review of rent

4. Property management
4.3 Tenancy management
4.3.2 Rent Rent payments and review of rent
Rent demands (if used) should be clear and easily understandable by tenants. Avoid using codes and
abbreviations if possible; if you do use them, they should be clearly explained.

You must provide a rent book if the rent is paid weekly and ensure that any rent book is kept up to date.

Where payment of rent is handed over in cash, a receipt should be given. In other cases, a receipt should be given if requested. An annual statement of rent payments received should be made available to tenants on request.

Where rent review clauses are included in the tenancy agreement you must follow those procedures for any review of rent.

Rent book

This is a legal requirement where the rent is paid on a weekly basis.  The rent book must be in the proper form and include statutory wording.  You can buy these at stationers shops.  Lawpack do a good one.

Cash payments

In view of the potential for misunderstandings and error with cash payments they should be dealt with very carefully.  If possible you should encourage tenants to pay rent in a manner which can be independently verified, for example by cheque or standing order.

Rent review clauses

For most tenancies, rent is increased by the tenant signing a new form of tenancy agreement.  This is the best method and cannot easily be challenged by the tenant.

If there is a rent review clause, as the code says, the provisions of the clause must be followed precisely.  This is becuase otherwise the rent increase will almost certainly be invalid.