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7.1.1 Health and safety risk assessment and policy

7 Additional responsibilities for the management of multi-let buildings and common parts
7.1 Health and safety
7.1.1 Health and safety risk assessment and policy
Health and safety risk assessments and policies vary significantly in scope and proportionality depending on the building and individual circumstances. While legal responsibilities and liabilities are absolute, the required actions to ensure compliance should be proportionate to the individual circumstance.

A competent ‘responsible person’ as defined by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 must be
appointed and that person must be clear as to their responsibilities and liabilities.

A health and safety risk assessment of any common parts must be carried out by a suitably competent person.

The risk assessment and the subsequent health and safety policy must be proportionate in scope to the property and circumstances. You must continually ensure the scope of the risk assessment has not changed; for example, if the building is let to individuals who are unusually vulnerable or have special needs. The health and safety policy must address lone worker safety.

All recommendations of the risk assessment and policy must be carried out, with appropriate records kept safely to demonstrate compliance.

You should put a monitoring process in place to ensure the requirements of the risk assessment and policy are being met at all times and that suitable training is provided to individuals to ensure and demonstrate that they are competent to carry out their duties to satisfy the requirements of the assessment.

The risk assessment and policy must be reviewed at the appropriate intervals as recommended by the risk assessment author.

You must put in place a system of contractor control to ensure that all hazards and requirements identified in the risk assessment and policy are drawn to the attention of any party that needs to know that information; for example, staff or contractors working at the building. You must instigate an appropriate system of ensuring contractor compliance with the building’s health and safety risk assessment and policy.

Where appropriate you must ensure that contractors carry out their own risk assessments and maintain their own health and safety policies.

It is essentual with HMO and multi let properties that very careful records are kept otherwise you will not be able ot prove that you are comliant if you are challenged by the Local Authority under the various regulations.